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And so begins the SABOT age

We recently launched the website for Send A Brew Or Two (SABOT, pr. essaybeeohtee), a gift-sending service to complement the original mail-order offering in our stable, Buffalo Brownies. The connection between the two goes even further in that the underlying design of the compact, space and cost-efficient carton used is the same. Its environmental credentials are similarly impressive as the carton is both made of recycled card and itself recyclable.

SABOT gift parcels contain a tea-making kit (so, teabags, sachets of milk, etc., even a teaspoon!) and are designed to fit through a letter box, so they can be received directly by the recipient. Because, unlike their cousin brownies, there is no baking or other pre-processing required, the kits can be put together and packaged up with a very quick turnaround time, meaning that most gifts should be sent out within 24 hours - and probably much sooner - and arrive in the next day's post. We think that a major reason people would buy such a gift is for welcoming people into their new home on moving day, particularly if they haven't quite located the "KITCHEN CUPBOARD" box yet! There should be plenty of other reasons to want to send someone the gift of tea, of course.

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